The Coarsegold Miner’s Grill Restaurant Opened May of 2012 based on three principals: Home Cooked Family Recipes, Excellent Friendly Service, and Fair Prices. We believe this has earned them a reputation as one of the best home cooking restaurants on Yosemite Hwy 41.

Unfortunately, the restaurant has closed its doors

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The owner of the Coarsegold Miner’s Grill has worked in the restaurant business for 26+ years and has always had a dream of opening her own restaurant.

Timing is Everything! When she was offered the location for the restaurant she and her family prayed on it, then they decided to apply for the loan on a Friday, the following Tuesday the loan was approved and funded. She quickly realized that her dream of owning a restaurant was now a reality.

They serve delicious homemade foods created from her grandmother’s secret recipes. You will love the homemade BBQ sauce and Famous ribs that are freshly barbecued on the restaurant’s patio. The Hamburger patties are handmade to order and deliciously juicy. If you happen to be a “Reuben” fan you have to order ” Coarsegold Miner’s Style Reuben Sandwich”. It is unlike any other Reuben out there, and it is a favorite among many of the locals. Becky also makes a coleslaw that has been called the “BEST” ever made. Becky doesn’t make the coleslaw until you order, so it is always crisp and seasoned just right.

There was a shady outside patio available. On occasion, There was a local band or a favorite DJ to entertain her guest.

This place was highly respected and loved in the community. a friendly smile and you will be treated like family while you are served delicious homemade food.

The staff at the Coarsegold Miner’s Grill Restaurant was always ready to serve and very friendly. You would have enjoyed the atmosphere as much as you enjoy the food.

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